Soldier cadets, operating BCC39B in the Australian bush.
Photo and summary courtesy of Theo. Theo says: 'The cadets took the BCC39B and the TRA906 out for their Ratel exercises.
They, built and erected antennas, and used correct operational procedures.
The BCC39B worked so well in fact, the CO said the sqn had never had communications working so well'.
Racal PRM-4031 in Use in Greece on one of the small islands off the coast of Athens.
This is Keith Watt using a Racal PRM-4031 HF SSB radio station on Agina Island, which is about 5 mile off the coast of Athens,
talking to a radio station in New Zealand on 14 MHz using SSB, the station was 23,000 Km away!
Kim Campbell -
W4OSS. 'I have attached photos of me using the Racal PRM 4031 that I bought
from Combat Radio about a year ago. Number 1 is me packmoble, number 2 is
the set up at one of our lakeside picnic tables.'

This is the stock DPM PLCE Radio Pack. The PRC-2000 is mounted properly in the topsection. For more cushion and rigidity I cut a piece of foam that fitsinside under the radio. It adds virtually no weight but stiffens the pack
so it sits up when placed on the ground and adds more protection to the radio. Zipped on the left rear of the pack is a DPM PLCE Rifle Grenade Holder. I cut the top off the inner grenade holder and the AT-271A slips
right inside for storage and trail carry. I also added a WebTex DPM PLCE waterproof side pouch.... it zips onto the right side of the pack. This pouch can carry an extra battery, handset and whatever else you want to
carry with. It's large and the choice of what else to store and carry is left to ones imagination and desire to carry a heavy or light load.

The photo of me wearing the pack was taken at N43.99684 - W088.87055 standing on an old logging pier near the Eureka Dam along the Fox River in Winnebago County Wisconsin while on a "light" hike.

Michael Melland, W9WIS


K6ERO and here he is using his BCC39B marine mobile.
I have opertated the BCC-39B from the base station, kayak, mobile, out on the back deck with a long wire and pedestrian mobile on travels all
over the western US. User friendly controls, fantastic receiver, and always gets good audio reports.Recieve audio is very pleasant with the headset,
the quick AGC is just right , when a decent signal is heard all the noise drops away . John Cook K6ERO
This is my Ferret with the PRC2000 and the BCC39B sitting on it at the Scout Association camp Gilwell Park near Melbourne.
The occasion was JOTA on 16/17 October 2004. Howard Small

In this picture you can see me using the BCC39B radio with adapter (100 watts).
At all my hamradios meeting, the BCC39B was the most attractive radio
and it is the public opinion that it is the "king" of the radios.



'This is Helmut Strack using the BCC39. Location: Lago Maggiore,Ticino,
Switzerland, call HB9-DJ7CF.



Ron Heron G4FBC operating his PRC320, he has worked USA, S.Africa, most of Europe,
Russia, middle east, etc, all on its own short whip aerial.


Ashley Reid

David Frederick Tye

The Willys is a 1943 model and as you will see is in US Navy grey/blue. It originally came out of a NATO stockpile held in Norway in the 1980`s and was owned by a French collector until I bought it in the UK 7 years ago. I was tempted to paint it green but the navy grey ones are quite scarce and attract a lot of comment. I fitted a 19 set in it but as you may be aware the Jeep is 6 volt whereas the 19 requires a 12volt power source. Auxiliary batteries and boxes are not really practical so it is for show only. It attracts interest here because we are in the US 3rd army sector. The collectors only seem to identify with the US army equipment. My Canadian 19 set stands out and many enthusiasts have never even heard of them let alone seen one before.

I am hoping to take it up to Normandy in June and we have various events around here later to commemorate the liberation. I have been collecting WW2 kit since a youngster. The only stuff available to us was ex-army in the late 60`s. 19 sets were ten bob and 18 sets I recall as being about 15s (75P) . Those were the days!

I have managed to retain my collection over the years and have accumulated 17,18,19,22,31,36.38,46,58,68 sets as well as the RAF 1154/55 combination.


Nicholas Ofield: 62 set in the carrier in the jeep at Thorsby Hall in Nottingham

The customer is Tom Edmonds (who lives in Canada) and he comments:

"Well here's the finished project.
The hand crank generator produces somewhere around 30 volts and approximately
3 amps.By using your supplied Clansman charger cable I was able to utilize a US military generator to recharge
a British military battery. I decided against cutting your cable as I really like the adaptiveness of those end connectors.
Thanks again for your assistance in getting this all put together.”

Geoff Truscott and his friend Harold build it from an old Viper model.
My 1/6th Scale (Action man size) Sherman Firefly Ic ETO 1945,
2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade 1st Hussars. Fresh from the paint shop.

Geoff Trustcott and his friend Harold, built this model of WW2 British Stuart Tank -
Recce Irish Guards, Guards Armoured Division ETO 1944/45

This photograph shows the simulated Lancaster Wireless Operator's
position at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. It was constructed by the
Duxford Radio Society, and is the only "hands on" exhibit at
Duxford using original WW2 equipment.

ANGRC-9 that Steve Ann has just restored using parts obtained from us.


Colin Hales Wireless Set No. 88


Veis.Stylianos SV2IPW