Wireless Set No. 22

Wireless Set No. 22 was a portable transceiver developed in 1942.

 Use: general purpose low power vehicle and ground station with facilities for man pack. Frequency range 2-8MHz. MO control. RF output 1.5W. R/T, CW. Range up to 20 miles. General appearance resemble No. 19 Set. Standard WW2 set.


Inside top view of WS22

WS22 inside top view

Inside botton view of WS22 with base plate removed

WS22 inside botton

WS22 PSU "Supply Units No. 4 Mk1"

Supply Units No.4 Mk1 inside top view

WS22 PSU inside top

Supply Units No.4 Mk1 inside bottom view

WS22 PSU inside bottom

WS 22 Head Set & Mic No. 13

Head Set and Mic No.13

J.H. Bunnell Key and Plug Assembly No. 9

WS22 Morse key

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